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Agar Powder and Plant Biology – What Makes Us Different

Let’s Talk About Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium Agar Powder As An Example

To start with, we should eliminate any confusion, and get something straight before we start talking about Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium.

Imagine a scenario in which we were to let you know, that we were an “old school” culture media maker that you can trust and depend on. That company is Caisson Labs.

In saying “old school”, we don’t mean obsolete. We mean innovative, with a very involved process to deal with and serve our clients to deliver what they need. In adopting this strategy, we succeed ONLY if our clients succeed!

Putting our clients first is significant and critical to us, first our quality and product integrity, our client’s requirements and needs, and lastly our bottom line – it is our major conviction, that our success is attached to our high quality products and obviously our clients’ success.

A long list of clients isn’t our objective. We like to increase long-term relationships, clients we can call friends.

Simply, we realize that we don’t succeed if you don’t succeed! Our products need to be a winning proposition for you, and only when that objective is met, do we succeed.

Alright, we should return to Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium as our model item.

In the event that it’s a Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium provider you are searching for, Agar Powder is a proud partner with the best – Caisson Labs!

You might be thinking about purchasing Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium from Caisson Labs, how will you be treated? Allow us to clarify.

Caisson Labs doesn’t compromise. Caisson could presumably use automation to build up their overall revenue, yet they don’t depend on automation. Caisson does the manufacturing themselves. With hands on technicians to make each formulation. By doing this we guarantee that there’s no loss of integrity, and guarantee amazing control over the nature of our Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium, alongside our other 1,100 or more product catalog for Plant Biology.

At the point, when we say every one of our items are made with the most elevated of care, we would not joke about this. There are presumably newer strategies to speed the manufacturing cycle, yet we would prefer to utilize reliable techniques to deliver the best product possible. One such example of this, is our ceramic ball milling process for our agar powders. This is only a straightforward case of how our way to deal with working together is diverse in light of the fact that we would like to fabricate the best Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium Agar Powder for our clients, as opposed to compromise and build our net revenue.

Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium isn’t the only product we handle with this much consideration. Their team does rigorous testing with ALL of Caisson’s culture media, including Agar Powder. In the event that Quality Control doesn’t approve of the batch, the lot will not be shipped to our clients.

Only the highest of expectations are applied in regards to the raw materials for every one of Caisson’s products. Cost consistently comes after to quality. The nature of raw materials purchased will never be relinquished due to cost, since this is the manner by which we guarantee the final quality of our formulations – doing anything less is basically not worth our time.

With this stated, even in purchasing the best raw materials for our culture media, all our raw materials go through a thorough assessment prior to being permitted into our warehouse for production.

In the event our products aren’t up to spec, you can be certain they won’t leave our production plant.

In the event that it’s not something adequate to send to our friends, most definitely they are insufficient for you!

This isn’t an arrangement for only Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium Agar Powder, but for our 1,100 plus products! Caisson delivers and makes the greatest culture media at a very sensible price point – generally lower than our rivals.

The entirety of our contractors are ecologically friendly. They all have the highest regard for nature and our atmosphere and will do anything important to guarantee our current environment isn’t upset while providing the raw materials expected for our products.

Regardless of whether buying Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium or another of our 1,100 or more Plant Biology products, we ask you to not fail to remember that cost will never be put over the quality of our products, on the grounds that this is the most ideal way we know how to put you first!

Kindly reach out to us and let us send you a FREE Sample of our best Micropropagation Agar-Type II Gelidium Agar Powder or some other agar powder you need and want to test.

We will send you a FREE Sample of any of our formulations because we realize that once you try it, you will want to buy it…

And become a member of the Caisson Labs Family!

Semi-Solid as a Rock.

Whatever you’re growing, we will help! You won’t find Agar Powder that compares with us. Our selection of Agar Powder blends will add to your success – no matter what you’re growing. Contact us today, to Try it before you Buy it!

Agar Powder

Our Mission

Whatever you’re growing, we will help! You won’t find Agar Powder that compares with us. Our selection of Agar Powder blends will add to your success – no matter what you’re growing. Contact us today, to Try it before you Buy it!

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower you with the best Agar Powder, for this reason we find the best high grade raw materials to produce the best Agar Powder products for propagation and lab research. We thrive to produce the very best Agar Powder with reliability and flexibility to ensure our customers reach their optimal potential with their growing or research.

Our Promise

Deliver to our customers the best Agar Powder manufactured in an NQA ISO 13458 Quality Management for Medical Devices and an ANAB Accredited ISO/IEC 17021 laboratory with humidity and temperature-controlled consistency in the formulation by means of the highest grade raw materials from the State of Utah in the US.


We ensure all of our customers receive the highest quality Agar Powder. We are successful only when our Customers are successful. Whether you’re using our Agar Powder for production, or for Laboratory Research, our lab facilitates the manufacturing of formulations with a broad range of applications – including custom formulas for your specific applications.

Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

We’re very much appreciative of what Caisson Labs has done for us over the years and providing great Agar Powder products, and we look forward to many more to come.

Phillip Paul

Thank you very much for your continued support for Amyjet. As a long-term supplier of Amyjet, we want tell you that everyone in Amyjet cares very much about Caisson Labs and your effots are very much appreciated – looking forward to our further cooperation in 2021.

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